Pre-registration training


Pre-registration training

Registration fee € 200,-

You may need a registration certificate and proof that you have been accepted for the course to complete your visa application. You can use the confirmation e-mail you receive from us when you have completed you payment,  you are automatically accepted to the course. This e-mail should be sufficient proof you are accepted to the course (but not yet enrolled).

This payment of the pre-registration is non-refundable! (in case your visa application fails)

We can book you a room in the Amsterdam Student Hotel, which is close to our school.
We will pass on your reservation to the student hotel and they will continue to process your reservation. We can only book a room for you if we have received your full payment.

Please send us an e-mail if you want us to book a room info@prodjschool.com




As soon as you start applying for a visa, you need proof that you are enrolled in a study program. You can use this information with your visa application.