The Pro DJ School, in cooperation with Dutch electronic music school Pyntago, offers you a unique chance to launch your dj producer career. In three months, you will follow an intense program, comprising the whole DJ and production curriculum of both schools, with additional masterclasses, workshops and private lessons. Groups are strictly limited to 10 students, allowing for a personal approach, tailored to each student. You’ll start out learning all the basic skills you need as a DJ and producer. Once you master those skills, you will work towards becoming an engaging performer and producing tracks worthy of release.

The dj producer course starts out with taking your DJ skills to the next level with our DJ Total Skills course. You will learn everything a DJ needs to know to play a coherent set. But you will also go beyond, and learn about advanced techniques to make you stand out from the crowd. During the course you will have unlimited access to our DJ-Xperience, where all the latest DJ gear from Pioneer DJ is waiting to be used. Perfect for working on your DJ skills or recording sets. Often there are workshops or professional DJ’s present to help you with all your questions.

To develop your producer skills, you’ll first master Ableton Live. You’ll get a firm grasp of all the basic concepts like MIDI, audio, editors, samplers, synths, effects and plugins. Once you feel comfortable using the program, you’ll start using it to create your own tracks. You’ll learn all about structuring your compositions, making good build-ups and finding the synths and samples that fit your style best.

Besides working on your basic production skills, we’ll also go more in depth with Music theory for Producers, Mixing/Mastering and Synthesis/Sound-design.
Music theory for Producers will teach you about scales, melody, rhythm and chords in a way that’s relevant to electronic music producers. Once you understand the basic concepts, we will then use them to build throbbing bass lines, banging beats and flowing chord progressions. Not only will it allow you to make your music faster, your tracks will also be more coherent.
A good way to create a unique and recognizable signature, is to build your own sounds from scratch, or mangle existing sounds with effects and editing. Synthesis/Sound-design will give you a firm grasp of the most common synthesis methods, including subtractive, additive and FM, and apply this in a hands-on way to a wide range of popular software synths. Furthermore, we’ll take a broader look at sound-design and learn about advanced use of effects and sampling- and editing techniques.When you have all the elements for your track and are happy with the structure, it’s time for Mixing. You’ll learn how to use compression, EQ and reverb to make all the elements work together and make the whole more than the sum of its parts. When the mix is done, you will then take it to another level with Mastering.
During the whole dj producer course, you’ll work towards making a finished demo that could be presented to labels.

Components dj course

• Introduction to Pioneer CDJ’s
• Learn how to connect equipment
• Fade Mixing
• Cueing techniques, setting a cue point
• Counting beats and bars
• Beat-Matching basics
• How to detect BPM/Tempo
• Understanding the structure of dance music
• Beat matching different tracks
• Using basic EQ controls
• Cross-fader technique
• Loops & Hot Cues
• Creating Hot Cue’s
• Using loops to create build up effects
• Using the mixer’s ‘effects
• Working with Pioneer DJ Rekordbox
• Transitions between different genres using effects
• Recording a live set
• Performing a live set
• Using Social Media
• Producing mash-ups
• Contracts, copyright and labels

Components producer course

• Introduction to Ableton Live
• Analyzing music
• Drums and drumrack
• Drum layering
• Making rhythms and grooves
• Bass and leads
• Stabs, plucks and atmosphere
• Analysis and composition
• Effects, send return and automation
• MIDI control and effects
• sidechain compression
• recording audio, warping
• Scales
• Keys and samples
• Recognizing melodies
• Chords and bass
• Creating melodies
• Chord progressions
• Scale degrees
• Rhythm, groove and quantizing
• Subtractive synthesis
• Oscillators and modulators
• Arpeggiator and creating synth sounds
• Distortion and effect racks
• Wave editors, samplers and editing samples
• Vocoder and advanced effects
• Recording
• Acoustics
• Mixing process, groups and frequency
• EQ
• Mono and stereo
• Transitions between different genres using effects
• Compression, leveling, changing attack en body
• Reverb
• Mastering tools
• Digital audio, mastering sessions


  • Price: € 8000,-

  • Course days: Monday till Friday

  • Course time: 11:00 am till 4:00 pm

  • Duration course: 12 weeks

  • Courses will be given every day during the week*

  • Maximum number of students: 8

  • Personal guidance

  • Entrance Requirements: No

  • Free Pioneer DJ headphone worth € 80,-

  • Free Ableton Live Suite worth € 599,-

Available start dates 2019

Startdates 2019
Monday, April 1st, 2019 (last day of school is Friday, June 21st 2019)
Monday, September 9th, 2019 (last day of school is Friday, November 29th 2019)

Payment options

This option is without housing, you have to arrange your own stay in Amsterdam

Full payment housing not included
Fee € 8000,-
 Total € 8000,- (save € 500,-)
 Housing not included.
Enrol now!
Deposit housing not included
Reg. fee € 500,- + balance of € 8000,-
Total € 8500,-
Housing not included.
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There are no special requirements to be able to participate in this course.

Students from outside the EU wishing to study the DJ Total Skills course will need to apply for a Short Term Study Visa.

Dutch Visa for Study, Training, Research, or other type of Internship Purposes:
  • An enrollment certificate allowing attendance of courses
  • Certificate of completion or courses attended
  • Financial sustenance 

Please visit our student information page on how to get a VISA

Yes we can provide you with a stay in the Amsterdam Student Hotel, you have to enrol for the course included housing. If this option is not present please email us so we can see what the possibilities are.

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